“what other people think of me is none of my business”

if i stay in my own head, then i don’t have to experience the fear of judgement, and i can stay closer to my true self.  i can love myself, and know that when i practice self-love it is really about nourishing and feeding my heart and soul, and not my ego.

self-love, self-care and selfishness are different things.

being selfish is about feeding my ego.  being selfish is about me, me, me, and making choices that have no regard or concern for others and is all about advancing my interests.

self-love is about loving myself enough to choose relationships that are healthy for my heart and soul.  i must love myself first if i’m to give to others in a healthy way.

i can contribute to the world by improving all the important relationships in my life by loving myself first.

self-care are the actions i can take to give myself the self-love i deserve.  self-care includes setting healthy boundaries, it means placing my needs-not my ego’s desires, but my needs- before others so i can be of better service to others – like the oxygen mask on the airplane – there is no guilt when i am loving myself first because my heart is thanking me.

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