true love is freeing, not binding


“love in such a way the person you love feels free.”

one of my favorite quotes from the beautiful thich nat hahn

and that love begins with me.

i wake every morning feeling free and loving myself.

and every person i encounter, i share that love.

a love that is liberating is one that people want to be around.

a love with no demands, that simply accepts people and situations as they are, attracts more love.

the love that isn’t liberating, you want to run from.

the love that is about fear, because you’re afraid of losing it, is suffocating.

that kind of love makes you feel obligated and guilty.

it’s that kind of unhealthy love – the kind of love that makes you responsible for another person’s well being. the love where you’re the one expected to fill another person’s hole of deep despair, and if you don’t, then you’ve failed – it’s that kind of love that chains you down and chokes you and drains you, and makes you want to run away and breathe.

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