no one can dim anyone else’s light

as my father struggles with the news that he has lung cancer, i hear his fear, and i remain grateful for the early detection.  staying positive will make such a difference in his body’s response to the radiation treatment.  and he’ll be so much easier to be around.

if he says negative things, i listen and hear his fear.  i feel compassion.  i don’t take his words or his attitude personally, instead i know that i’m not responsible for his happiness no matter how closely connected i am to him and his situation; i stay present, and stand firm in my commitment to take care of myself and to love myself, even though he may be mistreating me and others.  i can give him space to release his fears. i can draw a clear boundary if his fear grows and i can let him know that i have a choice to be around or not.

staying positive requires that i think of the light that we each shine. no one can dim anyone else’s light.  shining my light requires that i come from my heart, and not my head. there is no need to defend, or to prove that i’m right. my light dims if i choose to feel like a martyr, or a victim, if i choose to feel guilt or hurt.

i simply have to listen, love and understand, connect and try my best to relate to his light, as faint as that light may be at times.



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