a desire to continue to grow, keeps me aware of the many teachers in my life

as i begin this new year, i am keenly aware of the lessons that i have learned, and am continuing to learn.  i am surrounded by people in my life who offer me so much insight and wisdom to help me become a better person, something i always strive to be.

if i have the belief that i’m always a beginner, that i always have something to learn then i find i listen more carefully, i move at a much more mindful pace, i become acutely aware of my surroundings and the people i encounter, and what i am to learn.

if i can focus on just a few things at a time in the adjustments that i would like to make in my life, i see that by keeping things simple, i can be more effective.

right now i have two teachers who are working in polar opposite modes.

i can learn from people who i do not want to be like and have compassion for their situations – my father

i can also learn from people who i love to be around – buddha baby odin.

i remind myself to be the person i like to be around, and learn how not to be like the person who creates conflict and turmoil to my inner peace.  i can focus on my center place of calm and serenity, and know that as i practice listening and learning, i can re-center to that place of peace every time by asking myself what it is i am to learn.

right now my father is one of my greatest teachers.  as i see his fear take over his life, his negativity grows.  his negativity reminds me how i must set boundaries if i’m to be around him, and that my positive attitude overpowers his negative.

my first commitment i must make is

  1. to wake up everyday filled with positive energy that i want to share with every single person i encounter.

baby odin is another teacher of mine.  he is the person i would like to spend more time with, he is the creature who i would like to be more like, he is the being everyone wants to be around. as he opens his eyes to the wonders of the world, he reminds me to do the same.  his simple existence and detail of being brings me to my knees in gratitude. his positive energy and joy that he induces in those who are so blessed to meet him remind me of my second commitment.

2.  to be curious and to be in awe of my surroundings.  in noticing the details, i stay   present and grateful for the moment.  he reminds me not to judge, and simply love.




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