tiny buddha odin brings peace and joy to this world

i came to the east coast to experience the birth of ren’s first baby, and came prepared to do a lot of writing and reading.  most of my suitcase was filled with books that i’ve been trying to finish reading, and notes for a book that i’m working on. to be honest with you, i’ve been so in love with odin, that i have been able to get very little done.

it’s like i’ve been in the middle of worshiping little buddha.

and that is indeed the case – he is simply little buddha odin.

instead of getting down on myself for not getting a lot done over these past weeks, i’ve decided to focus on the fact, that i’m in the presence of god’s greatest gift, and that what i am doing right this minute is exactly what i’m intended to be doing.

as i begin this new year, with hope, happiness and harmony, i breathe in little odin and i am filled with the joy that my life has changed and will continue to change.  i find all the blessings before me, wrapped up in this perfect little package.  as i breathe in his baby smell, his baby skin, his baby hair, as i touch his softness, his smoothness, as i notice every teeny detail that makes him work, and as i listen to every single one of his tiny sounds that he utters, i am overwhelmed with gratitude and joy.

little buddha odin is the reminder that if i see everything around me as precious as he, i am living a life surrounded by miracles and that i have so much to be grateful for.

as i become overwhelmed with odin’s peace, i realize i’m in heaven and that i am one with tiny odin.

One thought on “tiny buddha odin brings peace and joy to this world

  1. Being a gramma, nana…oh I can’t remember what you hope to be called, is the most wonderful time. No guilt for not “getting stuff done,” just keep breathing in “babyneckz.” The smell between the neck and shoulder of baby Buddha Odin!! Happy New Year dearest!! Xox

    Nancy Miller 310-266-0400 Sent from my iPhone



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