feelings associated with established rituals remain very much a part of our beings

we rented a house a couple of miles away from baby odin’s house, and every night we trek back in the cold.  it’s a brisk walk, and a great way to end the night especially after eating all the food from the day.  i walked with the kids the other night, when riki asked, ‘does anyone else feel this way? i love going to bed. it’s the best part of my day. i get really excited thinking about my bed!’

and we all laughed.  apparently we each have that same relationship with our beds and our end of the day rituals. when the children were little, our bedtime routine consisted of each child choosing a book to read aloud, and then we’d talk about the day – at least one bad thing, and then three things that were good during the day, or something they were grateful for. it was a nice way to remember all our blessings and our many gifts.

even though our rituals are each different now, the feelings associated with that time of day, remain very much a part of our beings. apparently the kids and i, to this day, have always loved bedtime. we each still have that same love for that precious time of the day.

i guess it was the time of day when i wanted the kids to feel safe about opening up and sharing what was going on in their lives. maybe so they’d have sweet dreams and peace while they slept.

it’s a habit i had established with the children and one that continues in my life.  its the time in my day when i can pause and become very aware of my excitement for life and its many details that i so easily take for granted.

i could have walked all night with my kids.  i love every tiny moment with them, and i can never get enough.

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