and so begins life with little odin

the really beautiful thing about having a birthday around christmas is that you’re almost always around family.  and how wonderful is that?

yesterday was a busy one as we hung out at the hospital taking turns holding odin..such a busy day! …only in the sense that i couldn’t get myself to do anything but be around this little guy!

we decided to postpone christmas and just fill our day with his glorious smell, his precious skin, and his rolls of chub.  every tiny movement, every effort to open his eyes, every itty bitty sound…oh my goodness this little miracle just filled me with tears again and again.

eric’s family has the tradition of eating seafood on christmas eve.  and so began the combining of family traditions. after a full day at the hospital, eric’s mom showed up with a car full of fresh fish, calamari, shrimp and handmade pasta.  j.p. and i, took over the kitchen and quickly transformed ourselves into italian cooks, chopped up bunches of garlic and onions, poured on the olive oil, tossed the pasta with fresh basil and grilled the salmon with dill still on the branch, laughing the whole time.

we had the most glorious of feasts as wafts of new scents and sounds of his family members, who he will someday recognize as mommy, daddy, uncles, grandpas and grandmas, surrounded little odin as he slept away and took it all in in his carrier by ren’s side…

thinking about ren creating her first batch of homemade seafood breast milk and little odin thinking to himself, ‘yummmmm i think i’m going to be loving this milk for a long long time…’ made me smile and glow all over!


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