patience and joy as the baby ponders moving from the happy place he knows and loves; life can be puzzling

ren is a planner. her whole life is organized. so being late to deliver is not in character.

you should see the baby’s room. there’s a place for everything. you walk into the room and you’re at peace. eric has painted panda bears on the east wall with touches of bamboo green throughout.  the colors are gender neutral since they don’t know yet if the baby’s a boy or girl.  honestly, i want just want to sit in the rocker and never leave…it’s that kind of a loving place that they’ve created.

little baby rautio has decided s/he’s just has happy as can be inside mama rautio.  we walked all day to encourage him/her to come out – went to a christmas bazaar in manhattan and then to the chinatown in flushing, ny for some crazy delicious shanghai-nese food that my dad and chih would have died for – but still no movement to exit the warmth and security of mama’s womb.

when we got home we decorated sugar cookies with royal icing, and i learned about dams and floods. then we sat down to work on the panda puzzle.  after ren announced that she probably wouldn’t go into labor until after we finished the 1000 piece puzzle, we were all laughing and trying doubly hard, when tai decided to join us, sat down and announced

‘this is so frustrating’ (he’s color blind)

and ren laughed in truth, ‘you just sat down, tai!’

there was a period in my life when doing a puzzle seemed like a waste of time, but as we sat there talking, joking around, just enjoying being with each other, i realized just how wonderful puzzling can be.  it looks nearly impossible with its many pieces that are just a mess – kind of like life. everyone is just as lost, the more you communicate and let people know what you need help with, everyone’s willing to pitch in, everyone has different strengths – some are good at sorting, others are good at connecting, some like the edges, some like faces, others like the background – there are moments of excitement, and disappointments, and if you don’t stop trying, you end up with a beautiful piece of art.

the key is not to give up, and to laugh while you’re puzzling (or living, since life is quite the puzzle), or you’ll miss the joy that surrounds us.

puzzling is actually a great way to savor the time while waiting for a baby to come out of his happy place into another happy place.



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