in touch with the river within, i’ve had the key all the time, i just had to find it

“whenever you do things from your soul you feel a river flow through you – joy” – rumi

maybe it’s because i’m about to be a grandma, maybe it’s because i’m living simply, maybe it’s because i’ve found that river flowing in me, but recently people have been telling me that i’m radiating joy, as if i’m in love.

yes, i am in love, in love with the truth and in conscious contact with my faith.

there’s nothing new about me. no new clothes, or make up.  i haven’t been to a hairdresser in nearly a year. i do my yoga, meditate and eat a lot of plants.

the happiness is coming from within. i do believe living simply from the heart is the difference. and that i’m finally loving myself, enough to make choices that have to do with recognizing that the caged in me has learned a lot but is ready to live more fully.

the feeling of being caged in is not a good thing, so i look around, and realize that i actually have had the key to unlock the door all this time.

now i just have to use it, open the door, step outside, spread my wings and trust that i will fly.

living simply through the heart doesn’t worry about what others might say or judge,

living simply through the heart is listening to the universe and being open to possibility.

living simply through the heart is understanding that one of my greatest gifts is also one of my greatest shortcomings. quite simply, i love to care for others. but when my caring defines me and in some way limits me from continuing to live and learn, when my caring creates barriers instead of opportunity, when my caring becomes codependent behavior and someone else’s happiness, this is when i know i need to make the choice to change.

i can live from my soul, continuing to care for others the way i’m naturally compelled, but once i feel chained, obligated, somehow responsible for someone else’s happiness, i pause, i listen to the universe, and hear the truth -that i must love myself first, enough to choose a life that is fulfilled and radiates joy.



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