when i nourish my mind, body & soul, i can hear ‘thank you’ in every choice i make

if i think about my body, mind and soul saying ‘thank you’, then it helps me make healthy choices.  i love to start my day with yoga and meditation, and throughout the day, i’m mindful of the foods i take in as well as the thoughts i choose.

when my body has to work extra hard to get rid of toxins, or foods that cause inflammation, then it’s not saying ‘thank you’, it’s saying something like, ‘seriously? you’re going to eat that and then make me swollen and bloated? ugh.’

when i do yoga it’s like giving my body and all my organs an internal massage.  my body appreciates every stretch, every breath, every move and i can almost hear my body exclaiming,  ‘wow! that feels so good. thank you!’

likewise, with my soul, when i meditate, i can hear my heart and soul saying ‘thank you’ for taking the time to listen to the silence and the universe, ‘thank you for allowing me to recalibrate, regenerate, reset….now i can have a clearer perspective and feel less stressed.’ during my meditation i connect to the peace within me, and i nourish my soul.

throughout the day i practice compassionate listening and i try and see friends. i become very mindful of what is being said around me, and i hear more than the words. i connect with the space around the words, and i relate to the others’ hearts and i begin to see the world not the way i want to see it, but in a way that helps me understand others’ pain, turmoil, concerns.  i can hear my heart say ‘thank you’.

i love to read, for books were my first friends -reliable and trustworthy. and i know my mind is saying ‘thank you’.  and i also like to write.  i have a long way to go as i learn to write, but i know my mind is thanking me as i practice.  throughout the day, i am mindful of the words i choose to write, speak and think, always having the awareness of the impact that those words may have on me and others. will my mind and heart thank me if i use those words? or will there be hurt, judgement and a disconnect?

if everyday i practice being the student and seeing everyone around me as my teachers, then i know my mind is thanking me because instead of insisting that people see things the way i do, i become open to learning a new way of seeing the world, and i experience a healthier relationship with others and a greater appreciation for what is.

i experience a beautiful sense of gratitude, harmony and serenity and a great capacity to understand when i become aware of the choices i make and i can hear my mind, body and soul say ‘thank you’!


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