listening is an act of love that requires i quiet my words to hear the other’s heart

everyday i try my best to nourish my heart. there are so many beautiful ways to do this.

one of my favorites is what i call  ‘buddhas surround me’. i practice seeing everyone around me as awakened, and that i’m the only one who is not.

i become a better listener when i practice this perspective.

when i experience my day this way, everyone around me becomes a teacher to me. and the lessons that i am to learn become very clear.  because god speaks to me through every single encounter i have with living creatures, especially through young children, babies and animals; if i practice listening to god through all creatures, even the nasty ones, i experience a shift in my day and attitude.

if i am to listen to the lesson, i must quiet my mouth. and in quieting the words that want to come out, i connect with the other person’s pain or perspective. what results is often an understanding that otherwise could have been missed.

it’s not enough to ‘keep my mouth shut’.  if i’m to connect to the other person’s pain, i have to experience the art of listening that i call ‘compassionate listening’, listening with my heart.

quieting my words is not enough. there has to be a shift in attitude that wants to connect and understand the other person’s point of view and to hear the lesson that lives within the awakened one.  when i practice living this way, i find harmony in my life, and lots of joy.




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