open to constant creation, life becomes big and dreams become possible

“we first make our habits, and then our habits make us.” – john dryden

now the question is, how do we change those habits, so they aren’t defining us, so we may be open to constant creation.

it is when we remain in the same habits, that we find ourselves feeling ‘stuck’. if we let our conditioned brains be in charge, we easily fall into habits that define us, that make our lives predictable, where the idea of change or something new becomes an impossibility.

we become emotional and intellectual robots. it is no longer possible to think or feel out of the box. doing so would feel so uncomfortable, so foreign, that we retreat and find ourselves back in the box, in our comfort zones, afraid to try something new.

what if we were to free ourselves from the conditioned responses and into the realm of forever changing, forever teachable, forever in the unknown, forever open to unpredictable possibilities?

if we could free ourselves from those habits that we have allowed to define us, we would find ourselves able to become unstuck, to be free, and suddenly able to live large.

and so today i ask myself, am i brave enough to break my habits to learn a new way of living? can i stop believing that it is up to me to fill someone else’s hole to make them happy? can i let go of the belief that i’m responsible for someone else’s happiness?

am i stuck in someone else’s darkness, when it’s not my job to fix?

as i take care of myself, as i dig deep within, i ask myself, am i living a fulfilled, joyful life? do i deserve to live large?

5 thoughts on “open to constant creation, life becomes big and dreams become possible

  1. MANETTE!! Perhaps a Godwink or mystericle drew me to today’s blog post? It gave me goosebumps as I read it!! How many (or few) of us are brave enough to truly live free and large?! Thank you for sharing from your heart to mine!! I need to catch up on your blog posts. I LOVE you, Girlfriend!!

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