if you share your light, chances are people want to jump in and join

ren just got news from her doctor that her baby is most likely going to be over 9 pounds, so she no longer is qualified to deliver at the birthing center with a midwife.  instead, she has to go to the hospital to deliver her baby.  the news was disappointing but she’s handling it with poise and acceptance.  her doctor recommended that she have acupuncture to encourage labor sooner than later, because at this point in her pregnancy the baby is gaining weight rapidly and the doctor doesn’t want the little one to be too big.

so i got on the phone to change my flight reservations ready to pay any outrageous flight changes.  told the agent my story, and here’s what happened.  vanessa, the agent, asked that i hold while she spoke to her supervisor.  she came back on and told me she got approval to change the reservations without any penalty, that i would actually be saving money because the flight i was now on was even cheaper than the original…she then went on to tell me how her mom came to be with her with all three of her children, and how it made such a world of difference, and that she wanted my daughter to have that same experience…

sometimes, when you present your true self, and connect with the other’s happy self within, they feel the love, and they want to return the love as best they can.

and so i got some love over the phone from an agent who loved having her mom with her when she had her babies. and i just cried.

6 thoughts on “if you share your light, chances are people want to jump in and join

    1. oh beautiful Ro, I so appreciate that you take the time to read my posts…you are such a precious soul! Did you ever receive my thank you for the beautiful letter and article you sent me? I wasn’t sure if I had your right address…Your loving kindness touches me so. I hope all is well with you? We should try and reconnect! I would love to see you and give you a hug! We are so lucky! YES!


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