digging deep inside i find my heart, who only knows loving kindness

i would love a world where people valued the beauty of the heart instead of how someone looks.

it just breaks my heart when i see someone so beautiful in her soul and heart, but has no one to share her beauty because she doesn’t have the barbie figure, or the big boobs, or the long legs.

there are too many people who are judged by how they look, and not by who they truly are.

i do believe that we were all born into this world with the kind loving heart. over the years we develop our egos, we learn to judge and compare, we learn to criticize and to want perfection in ourselves, especially in parts of us that are seen and glamorized by the outside world.  it’s the media that places value on the tall, skinny body, not god.

imagine a world that didn’t judge you by how you look, but liked you for your heart.

imagine a world where you were loved by the words and actions that you shared with others.

imagine a world where each person’s purpose is to love and connect.

imagine a world that god created and that you are simultaneously co-creating according to his will, not yours.

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