often the most precious moments are ones that take time

how often do you get a chance to spend time with your kids, driving in a golf cart, along the ocean, stopping every now and then to hit a ball?  yesterday was that kind of magical day.

golf is one of those sports where there’s more time to talk to each other than there is  between you and the ball. and i suppose this is one of the many reasons i love this game. of course the setting is always outside, usually somewhere green and beautiful, and to play a full round, it takes a lot of time.  but when you think about it, how often do we actually take the time to talk to each other while at the same time appreciating our surroundings?

the course was a wonderful mix of the desert meets the coast. there were cacti, dry brush, and even desert watermelons, and then there was the magnificent pacific ocean, with hawks and vultures soaring overhead. the natural beauty of the course was beyond remarkable, and was a huge distraction for me, but it required that i breathe in its beauty between holes, and to be very present while hitting the ball.

yesterday was one of those special days celebrating the natural beauty of the area while listening to our kids laugh and strategize, and share ideas and emotions.  i didn’t want it to end.


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