the power of love overwhelms me and opens me to the miracles

we sat around the thanksgiving table, sharing our annual ‘what we are grateful for…’ and i was overwhelmed with tearful joy listening to the words of our children…missing ren and chih who couldn’t join us. and missing our dear friends the elizondos.  it was our first thanksgiving apart.

we have so much to be grateful for. every tiny detail that i so easily take for granted. yes, my friends and family mean everything to me, but how often do i pause to be grateful for the moon and the sun? the air that i breathe? and the heart that keeps beating allowing me to experience life to its fullest?

we returned to our room and were surprised with a film that the kids had created since all four couldn’t be here with us.  i don’t think i’ve cried and laughed simultaneously so hard in my life! (well maybe at their weddings…) they each shared what they are grateful for in us, but then they each danced their hearts out to stevie wonder’s signed, sealed, delivered in THE most ridiculous outfits!  i didn’t want it to end! we have been blessed with kids who are the most creative, wacky, loving creatures on earth.

the love i have for our kids runs deep, deep, deep – deeper than i ever knew possible.  it is such a powerful love i can’t explain it, i can only experience it. and when i do, i cry and laugh and my heart feels every possible emotion and opens in such  a big way, that i’m graced with the reminder of all the beauty that surrounds me and i am in awe.

in awe of the miracle of love.

One thought on “the power of love overwhelms me and opens me to the miracles

  1. What a beautiful Thanksgiving & memories to look back on. Your children are just as lucky, They have you as their mom!!!!! I found myself getting emotional with you- family is everything & I love every minute spent with them. 🙏🏼❤️


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