open to hearing what the universe is telling me, i continue to learn and grow and be in deep gratitude for what is

okay the last time i vacationed with the family, i broke my foot in two places, on a rock while docking a big houseboat. today, you should have seen me.  i think  i’m stuck in a 30 year old brain, but clearly living in a 60 year old body. i was trying my best to hang with the gang, forgetting that i was playing tennis with these young kids each of whom at one point played football, waterpolo and volleyball, in college.  what was i thinking?  it’s no wonder all the workmen were standing there watching instead of working on the hole they were supposed to be digging, as i pedaled back to get this beauty of an overhead that was going to close the set with a solid win.  and what do i do?  i fall flat on my butt, bracing the fall with my left wrist.

and now my wrist is swollen, my butt black and blue and my ego a bit tainted with the truth. i’m a sixty year old woman who has no clue what it means to slow down and realize the limitations of my body now that I’m aging.  i remember 9-year old tai reaching for his glass of milk with such speed and strength that he not only knocked it over but the cup skidded across the table and nearly fell off the other edge. he looked up and apologized and i said ‘don’t worry buddy!  you’re just growing’

as we adjust to the changes in our lives, we learn to be in acceptance, but we also expand our awareness and become more mindful of our choices, our actions, and the impact our choices have on who we are becoming and on the the world around us

i ask myself, am i being open to seeing what i am to learn in my every changing world?

am i continuing to learn and to grow? am i in appreciation for all that is before me?

on this day of thanksgiving, i pause and express my gratitude for the many blessings and people in my life. and there are so many!


3 thoughts on “open to hearing what the universe is telling me, i continue to learn and grow and be in deep gratitude for what is

  1. Aww Manette…that’s why I love you so much! Just overdid in yoga and feel like you! Happy Thanksgiving with your growing family!! See you soon!!! 💚☮🍗😎

    Nancy Miller 310-266-0400 Sent from my iPhone



  2. I’m glad you didn’t break your wrist!! You know, the 88 yr old yogis I know seem to stay young mentally and physically by not slowing down! They still do yoga & tai chi & even dancing & volunteering..,just modify when needed. So maybe don’t be so hard on yourself. 😊😊😊


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