opening your home, often opens your heart to trust and to find a true connection to the meaning of life

i’m in heaven with our kids.  they arrived yesterday and we’ve done nothing but laugh, and share, and feel the gratitude of being here together. how am i so incredibly fortunate? they are the love of my life. i love everything about them.

our room overlooks the majestic pacific ocean, and we have been blessed with a giant deck, large enough for all of us to party, dance and have the neighbors by. so this morning, the kids and i did yoga and meditation while listening to the ocean lap the shore and the birds greet the sun.  it was beyond all possible dreams.  we worshiped the sun, and thanked the universe for all that surrounds us, and especially the opportunity to be with each other.

riki and scott arrived yesterday afternoon, no glitches whatsoever and headed straight for the pool.  tai and kayla followed with a text saying they couldn’t find the shuttle.  of course they were in the wrong terminal and eventually were able to find their way. we met kayla for the first time, and gave her the longest embrace, as we could sense right away her beautiful spirit.  she has the most precious smile and big round eyes, that say, ‘hello, i’m here!’ she reminds me of a very happy puppy; if she had a tail, it would be wagging all the time!

both kayla and tai are teachers on a budget, so instead of paying $800 to fly here from austin, they decided to bus to monterey, mexico, and then fly here from there for $100.  on the way they couch surfed. the were picked up at the bus terminal in monterey by paco.  a wonderful man who welcomed them into his home, gave them a room of their own, and then proceeded to give them a tour of the city, all in exchange for them making him dinner from the vegetables he was growing in his garden.

there is no monetary exchange when couch surfing – it’s simply people trusting one another to share their homes in exchange for a conversation or perhaps that same opportunity one day on someone else’s couch  – …it’s a beautiful way for travelers to meet locals and to share their experiences, and to spread a feeling of trust and love as people show a willingness to share and learn from one another.

now tai and kayla have a friend named paco who lives in monterey, mexico, and paco has friends who live in austin, texas.  how beautiful is that?

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