expanded awareness leads to all kinds of connections and lessons

on our way from the cabo airport to our timeshare, we shared a shuttle with a delightful young woman who works as a midwife in a birthing center in montana. ren and eric have chosen to deliver their baby in a birthing center in manhattan so i was curious to learn more. i must admit i had some concerns about a midwife and doula, and the absence of a doctor. i try my best to be open and accepting and to learn as i listen.

“how many babies have you delivered?,” i asked.

“i’ve caught 176, but i’ve delivered just a handful.”

she went on to explain, that it’s the mother who delivers the baby, and that she’s only there to ‘catch’ the baby when the baby comes out into the world. the babies that she’s had to ‘deliver’ have been breech. when a baby isn’t breech, the mom delivers the baby easily and naturally, in a setting that is much like a home. there’s nothing sterile about a birthing center.

mothers have known to be in full blown labor, and once they get into the cold and sterile hospital, the contractions stop and nothing happens. she said it’s the body’s way of responding to an environment that no longer feels safe. at the birthing center they try and make the experience and setting as welcoming and comfortable as possible so the labor and delivery is filled with warmth, and the baby enters the world bathed in love.

i loved this woman, and found myself wishing i could have had that experience of someone loving and connecting with me as i delivered my baby, and her there to ‘catch’ my baby, and i found myself wanting that experience for ren and eric and baby rautio.

being open and aware i find myself  learning new ideas and original thoughts, and i see that the world is constantly evolving, and so am i.

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