life is about choices, that begin from within

my mom had a beautiful day.  no pain. no cramps.  wide eyed and comfortable.  her ability to articulate words and use her voice box lasted a few days last week, but we’re hopeful, with daily practice, she’ll eventually find the strength and connection. she has so much to share with the world.

i took my dad to get his haircut while my mom sat painting an autumn tree filled with reds, oranges and bright yellows.  i’m so glad he acknowledges that he shouldn’t be driving; just the other day he scraped his car on a post as he drove around the parking lot angry that all the handicap spots were taken. bless his heart.

after the haircut, he walked over looking all trimmed and handsome,

“you look great daddy,” we were at the counter taking care of the bill.

“she didn’t even cut it!,”  he complained.

“what do you mean? it looks great!, ” i assured him. it really did look nice.

“she didn’t even cut it!, ” he repeated.

“if you don’t like it dad, now’s the time. i’m sure she’d be happy to cut it some more.”

“it’s too late! forget it!” – if you ever get to hang around my dad, this is one of his favorite lines.  he’ll complain, you suggest an easy fix and then he says it, “it’s too late!  forget it!.”  i tried to point out that all he had to do was turn around, but he was already out the door huffing and puffing. oh dad.

it was just one of those days, when nothing seemed good enough. so after he cleaned his plate of shrimp scampi, garlic buttered fettuccine, carmelized butternut squash, and creamy mushroom soup, he announced,

“just because i finished everything, doesn’t mean i liked any of it. the village food is terrible.”

“mommy, how’s your food?,”  she was still busy chewing away.

she smiled with her eyes wide and tried best to nod her head.

“i know, shrimp is your favorite!”

just saying the words i think she might be trying to say helps her…she never complains.

it’s all about the perspective you choose.  my dad may have had a rough day, but my mom’s day was just beautiful. funny how we were all in the same day, november 19, 2016, in the same place, but we were all having a different kind of day…and i was so happy for my mom!


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