trust in the not knowing allows me to live life to its fullest

so often we want to know what is to happen, by controlling people and forcing solutions. when the truth is, life is simply a mystery.  when we let go of trying to figure it out, or to fight against what’s in the way, we experience conflict and this conflict leads to confusion and discontent.  maybe we saw too many disney movies with the happy endings but it often feels that life disappoints us when we’ve set expectations that are more like a fairytale than reality.

when i focus on myself and what i can do to participate in life to my fullest, i take my thoughts off my troubles and onto something constructive that i actually have control over.

i see that i have control of my attitude and my perspective, and having this awareness gives me the power to determine whether my day is going to be awesome or not. i begin to see the beauty in the small things, and to appreciate every moment that i could have missed had i been busy trying to fight against the universe.

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