the meaning of life may be as simple as love expanding from one to another

“love is our true destiny.  we do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone- but by being with another” – thomas merton

lately i’ve been thinking about the meaning of life a lot, as my mom struggles to find the strength and purpose to hang on.  she’s been struggling these past few days.  she’ll have a good day, and the next two she’ll be in pain with her silent scream.  no words to explain what she’s going through.  just the understanding that what she feels is not good.

i hold her hand and look into her eyes, and with no words, i can hear her tell me:  ‘without you, my children and daddy, there would be no reason for me to hang on. just seeing your smile makes me happy. and so i keep trying.  but one day the pain will be too great, and i know you’ll understand, and then it’ll be time for me to let go.’

the more people i meet, the more people i get to know at the level of the soul, the more i realize my heart’s desire. as i listen to what i am to learn, as i open and share, as i speak the truth and listen to yours, i find a connection that is not about how i look, or what you think of me; i find a connection that is pure, without secrets, just the understanding that we are all one, we’re all related, we’re all on earth to learn the power of love.

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