super moon monday

today’s the day.  the day that the moon is closest to earth than it’s ever been since 1948!  how exciting is that?  it’s a full moon that will feel so close to us, we may even want to take a walk on it…hehe…that would be fun, wouldn’t it?

i’m not sure when it’s going to feel closest, so i’m just going to try and sit outside all evening into the deep dark night, enjoy the night sky and all its beauty, and take in all the moonshine possible!  i hope you’ll join me; it’ll be like we’re together even if we’re far from each other…sharing the same sky, the same moon, the same breath, the same awe, the same mystericle…

and we’ll be filled with so much gratitude, love and joy it’ll be ridiculous! i can’t wait to share the moon with you tonight!

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