my father’s dream

my dad is thinking a lot about our president elect, and at 2 this morning, woke from an awakening. he called me to tell me he had a great idea that he wants to share with trump.

“instead of a wall, i want to tell trump that he should build an inviting garden-like fence that will be the opposite of a wall.  a wall sends the wrong message.  i think it should be a garden, like a vertical garden. it should be a place that represents peace and invites people to get to know each other. maybe it can wind along the border like a living boundary, that defines the edge of our countries.  but its message should be about getting to know each other, not trying to send a message that a wall would. maybe people could come sit and enjoy the beauty and each part of the wall would be representative of that part of our country, so every part would be different and would invite people to try and understand each other.  it could be very artistic and beautiful.”

and this is my dad.  the architect, the dreamer, the 89 year old father whose kindness sometimes gets missed, because he lives with a lot of fear, but whose loving kind soul lies within and wants to be understood through his art and music.

so tomorrow, i’m helping him draft a letter to trump, and maybe, just maybe, he’ll be heard.  i really do love my dad. he can be very precious.

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