getting to know people who see the world differently than i requires that i dig deep into my heart

when things aren’t the way we want them to be, when we question why things have to be?, we create conflict in our heads. confusion and discontent with the world settle in and we begin to feel anger and frustration.  i walked along the beach, and then amongst the trees, i practiced acceptance and found gratitude sitting there inside, and a willingness to understand.

yesterday i read some jack kornfield:

“when times are uncertain, difficult, fearful, full of change, they become the perfect place to deepen the practice of awakening.

after viewing the elections…whatever your point of view, take the time to quiet the mind and tend to the heart. then go out and look at the sky.

remember vastness, there are seasons to all things, gain and loss, praise and blame, expansion and contraction.  learn from the trees.  practice equanimity and steadiness.

remember the timeless dharma amidst it all.  think of the best of human goodness.  let yourself become a beacon of integrity, with your thoughts, words and deeds.  integrity in speech and action, virtue and non harming bring blessings.

remember the buddha’s counsel, ‘hatred never ends by hatred but by love alone is healed. this is the ancient and eternal law.’

the human heart has freedom in itself to choose love, dignity and respect.  in every circumstance, embody respect and cultivate compassion for all.

let yourself become a beacon of dharma. amidst the changes, shine with courage and trust, love people, and this is your world. plant seeds of goodness and water them everywhere.

then blessings will grow for yourself and for all.”

i love the image of planting seeds of goodness and watering them.  and as i go forth living through the heart, i know i can choose to love and respect, and dig deep to understand the many people who see the world differently than i.  let me try and understand their perspective.  so often we fear a group of people because we haven’t taken the time to connect. we only know what we’ve been exposed to; we end up judging others instead of understanding them.

may i pause and listen, and realize that perhaps my fear and judgement of them, may be because i haven’t taken the time to get to know them.

may i see that we all have something to learn.


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