there is so much to celebrate!

a great day for my dad, “mommy came to dinner with me!”

how sweet is that?  his joy was powerful.

for months, my mom has struggled to make it to dinner.  she’s been so weak and stiff.  the thought of sitting at a table in a nice dining room, surrounded by people who are smiling and chatting, looking happy with a purpose for living in their eyes, must have been too difficult for her. and so my dad has been going to dinner by himself, and brings dinner to her after he finishes the meal alone.

this hasn’t been easy for my dad, who in the past has always relied on mommy to make conversation with others. he’s a bit of an introvert who smiles when greeted, but never used to feel comfortable initiating a conversation. now that he’s getting used to the village – it’s been four years – he’s quite good at waving ‘hi’. (i told him to try saying ‘hi _____ insert name’ as a way to practice remembering names and now he’s get getting good at that too!) having mommy there sharing his dinner with him last night was the highlight of his week. he was beaming -i could feel it through the phone as i spoke with him last night.

my mom continues to improve. the miracle grows. her tiny steps are getting bigger, her voice is getting louder, her body stronger, and her eyes bigger.  even her poops are easier. and cramps fewer. bless her heart!

everyday is a new day.  everyday is a reason to celebrate. the gratitude and joy are immense, the blessings everywhere.

2 thoughts on “there is so much to celebrate!

  1. Oh Manette! This is the best news! Thank you God for this beautiful miracle! I pray & pray it continues & will be a very happy, healthy & memorable holiday season 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼


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