the power of a newborn is so pure, so simple, so miraculous

we all entered this world closely in touch with our spirits. as i held my friend’s 5 week old, i was overwhelmed with every precious detail of her –  her tiny fingers, her nails, her lashes, and the sweet little noises that only newborns make, and her smell. oh how i love the smell of a newborn. there is no other smell so glorious and pure. as she opened her eyes and looked around, i could see the wonder, and feel the love.

in the presence of newborns, i can’t help but get emotional, my heart opens and i feel this intense gratitude for the miracle before me. as my friends and i experienced this joy, we shared, we cried, we laughed and we felt the power of god working amongst us.

the simple, pure gift of gratitude for the miracles, no matter how small, no matter how big, each little miracle is to be noticed and appreciated.  each moment is a new beginning. each detail, a miracle.

as i connect with your heart, and feel it open, i experience god’s will.  let me hear, let me understand, let me relate and not take for granted god’s gifts, but to allow my gratitude to expand and overflow as i bask in the love and light we share with each other.

we’re all family when we willingly open our hearts to each other and feel the pain, the joy, the truth – life itself, god’s constant creation.

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