there really isn’t anything we can take for granted; it’s all a mystericle

miracles continue. my mom had a beautiful day with very few cramps, lots of movement and more and more use of her vocal chords. her typical day consists of lying in bed, ringing the bell when she has to pee, sitting on the toilet, feeling constipated and nothing moving,  going back to bed exhausted from working too hard to poo, lying there emitting a silent scream while her legs cramp up from lack of movement and poor circulation, and her mind probably wondering ‘why?’.

but today was her third day of a change, a day of hope and improvement. mini-steps that seemed remarkable and unbelievable. mini-steps in a direction in direct opposition to  the prognosis of parkinson’s – there is no cure for the disease, just a steadily decline in movement and basic functions, and a world that slowly gets smaller and smaller.

her eyes were bigger and rounder, and her body taller and stronger. she usually isn’t able to participate in any of the village’s activities, but tonight she did.  as the night’s pianist played her last song, hallelujah, i was filled with such joy and hope. i watched my mom clap her hands in appreciation for such a beautiful performance and i can only imagine for the feeling of living in a world that was slowly becoming more and more accessible to her, in a world that now had meaning.

i just couldn’t stop the tears of joy. my mom is such an inspiration to me.




6 thoughts on “there really isn’t anything we can take for granted; it’s all a mystericle

  1. Hi Manette, I’m so glad your mama is doing well with the direct line. FYI – I’m not sure if your mom’s neurologist mentioned it, but Carbidopa/Levodopa is very constipating. Dave has a spoonful of Miralax every morning and it instantly takes care of the problem. Looking forward to more positive results! Much love & many hugs.

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