taking the time to notice the details awakens me to the awareness of the miracles before me

the miracle continues.  my mom woke up speaking today!  she’s been able to mumble in the past, but this time she was putting thoughts together, and clearly articulating the words. she wanted to know how this new medicine works, and why she’s able to walk now, whereas before she couldn’t? she wanted to know why she felt stronger and how is it that she’s able to pick up her fork and guide it into her mouth? what’s happening to me? she asked incredulously.

the joy in me was intense and i cried.

her body has been working so hard, trying to cooperate with a brain that hasn’t been able to produce the right levels of dopamine.  now that she’s getting a steady flow going directly into her intestines, her body is remembering how to function.  it’s as if all that muscle memory died, and now her muscles are having a re-awakening.  the steady flow of carvidopa-levidopa into her intestines is going directly into her blood and allowing her to body to process the medicine more efficiently.  there’s no time wasted, no extra pathways for the medicine to get lost, there’s no interpretation needed, it’s quite simply the body reacting now to the medicine telling the brain and body to work together.

god created our bodies that are so intricately designed that every single chemical that our brains produce responds and triggers the production of another. it truly is miraculous when you think about the detail that keeps us operating without effort. we take these little things for granted, and don’t appreciate them until we don’t have access to them.

and so i pause to appreciate the detail, that then awakens me to the mystery, and the awareness of the miracles before me, and i am filled with such gratitude and joy.

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