it’s never too late for a new beginning

whenever i spend time with my parents at their village, i find myself in awe of the people there, many of them in their nineties, a few in their hundreds.  some arrived to the village as couples, and still walk the halls holding hands.  others, lost their spouses to an illness or old age, and have met partners who they regularly have meals with, and simply enjoy sharing space.

tonight i was having dinner with dad, lyn and her partner joe. they met at the village two years ago. they have every meal together and like to listen to music together while reading books. as i sat there listening to lyn tell me about her four grown children, i glanced over at joe, who was carefully listening and smiling at her, while he touched her hands. every few sentences she’d mention how happy she was to have met joe.

i could tell they were in love.

crazy to think that our lives can be so rich, and just when we think we’ve come to an end, we meet someone and it begins all over again.

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