a mother’s need to be close is natural and it’s all about the love

a baby shower is often a room full of women, opening gifts, ooooing and ahhhing, one gift after another –  being showered with gifts!  oh maybe that’s where the name baby ‘shower’ came from!

ren’s idea of a shower is about the couple, the friendship, the celebration of the new family, the love. there were families and couples there. no opening of gifts, just hugs and laughs and the sharing of old photos of when she and eric were babies running in the background,  the playing of every song eric could find that had the word “baby” in it, and chatting while eating the foods that the two of them love.

early in the morning, eric’s mom saw a beautiful mother deer with her baby when she looked out her window earlier that morning – something she’s never seen before (oh she lives in the countryside in connecticut, not in the city, in case you were wondering…).  she looked at me and asked ‘what does that mean to the chinese?’ she was sure it had significance.  at the time, all i could say was that it was the simple beauty of mother and child in nature?

it’s true, the deer represents longevity and prosperity to the chinese… but what has more meaning to me,  is the baby’s natural ability to relate to the mother, and the mother’s natural ability to connect. as i imagined the baby deer standing next to her mom, i thought about how the baby knows to stay close, to be within touching distance, to be within hearing and smelling. i imagined the baby deer eating the grass at his mother’s feet, and the mama looking around, ears twitching and tail at alert, her instinct to protect and provide.

it’s just so beautiful.  i loved seeing our dear friends and family, and i loved, absolutely loved, being there to hug my baby who is soon to be a mom.

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