creating heaven on earth begins with being open, making the most of the situation, and experiencing the joy

i’m in new york city for ren’s east coast baby shower that eric’s mom is throwing for them.  ren wanted to show me where she plans to walk with the baby – it’s a lovely park about a mile away from their house that has a beautiful reservoir and trees everywhere!  i realized as i was getting ready for the walk, that i had forgotten my running shoes. darn! does this mean i can’t go on the walk?

shucks i only had my boots in the suitcase.  what was i thinking? and then i thought…  heck, in the old days people didn’t have running shoes. people wore boots!  so i put my boots on and walked out the door with ren.

and it was simply divine. ren and i talked about the baby, their lives, the change, the  growth and the sweet anticipation. i looked around and there were red, yellow and orange leaves on the trees, a gentle breeze, and cool crispness in the air that reminded me of my days in college.

how much i miss and adore new england’s sweet autumn days, and here i was sharing it with my 32 year old baby, as she was creating at this very moment, with god, our next generation. i was just so thankful.

and i knew i was in heaven. and that the wet on my cheeks were tears of joy.


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