when we generate positive energy, we attract the love

“You know quite well, deep within you,
that there is only a single magic, single power,
a single salvation … and that is called loving.”

~ Herman Hesse

i was having dinner with my dad at his village, and the woman next to us was a sweet little chatter box. she started telling me that she and her husband had been married 71 years.  as people entered the dining room, benita would greet each resident by name and would compliment her, “oh i love your necklace!” “your hair looks so nice today!” “oh when did you get that new top? that color looks great on you!” ….she was just adorable.  folks would pause and smile, partake in a little conversation, and then walk away, pushing their walkers with a little more pep. benita could easily have been the designated ambassador for the village, had they had one. she was such a joy to be around.  her husband, nate, sat across from her. he’s also in his nineties, losing his hearing and eyesight, and just as sweet as could be. he couldn’t hear anything, but he knew that the words benita was saying were nice. he just kept smiling and nodding his head, as if he understood every word. i just wanted to pick the two of them up and bring them home with me.

and then came ann, hobbling by.  bless her heart.  every night ann sits by herself, eats the same dish that she has the kitchen prepare special for her since she’s allergic to most foods, and the only words that she shares are complaints about something.  it could be something as benign as the weather, but it’s usually something significant, like her foot that hurts all the time, or the fact that chef doesn’t know how to cook.  this particular night, she was complaining about her children and grandchildren, and how nobody visits or calls. i make the effort to give her a hug, but honestly, it’s not easy to be around the negativity. remember the dust that would surround pigpen in the cartoon peanuts?, it’s similar to that, palpable, only her dust is invisible… people just don’t want to sit near her because it’s literally suffocating, as if too much ann, could make you feel sick.

there are all kinds of people in this world.  we’re all so different.  what i’m learning is that  the more positive the energy you create, the more pleasant you are to be around. and the more fun you are to be around, the more relationships you will establish and maintain.

the more you live through the heart, the more you attract the love we were created to generate, multiply and spread.



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