peace begins within when i practice non-judgement and acceptance

we all have the ability to connect to one another’s souls.  but we’ve been taught to connect first to the surface, to the superficial stuff, through judgement.  we see someone and we decide within minutes whether we like them or not.

imagine a world where we connect to the souls of others first.

imagine experiencing love instead of judgement and hate.

imagine experiencing acceptance instead of criticism.

imagine a world where we didn’t compare.

imagine a world where we didn’t crave more, instead wanted to give.

imagine a world of faith instead of doubt and fear.

as i live through my heart, i connect to my soul and to all the beautiful things the universe has presented to me. i find love, forgiveness and so much joy when i live through my heart.  i experience peace when i quiet my mind and practice non-judgement. it’s my ego that wants to be right, that experiences conflict in relationships;

it’s my heart that hears your heart and simply wants to understand our differences.  it is in sitting in silence that i go within and experience the peace that allows me to connect to your soul, your place of unconditional love.

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