as i live through the heart, open to the universe, i find i have so much to learn and appreciate

you can go through life doing the same thing day after day, or you can be introduced to new and exciting ideas that may change you and contribute to the creation of who you’re to become.

i had no idea there existed in the middle of los angeles, a beautiful zen center where one can escape to, sit and meditate, pause and savor a nice vegetarian meal, walk a beautiful  labyrinth and take in some green air. it was magical. it was also a center for getting in touch with your soul. and there i knew i was going to find a connection.

and then off to an urban sweat house, where we climbed out of our clothes and were wrapped in infared blankets like burritos where we proceeded to sweat like pigs and were flushed of the toxins in our bodies. we drank gobs of water, sucked on orange slices, and basically relaxed, recharged and rejuvenated our bodies.

the day was unbelievable. and as i listened to all the things i was learning, i found myself close to tears.  and just as i thought the day was complete, juliana was making a stop to pick up tickets at a friend’s house. we both just happened to have to pee, really badly. so we hopped out of the car, ran into her house, and there my dear angel reta stood and a small group of close friends and my daughter riki, screaming ‘surprise’ and giving hugs. i cried, and then devoured the most delicious, delightful foods that they had prepared, and basked in the love of dear friends who have all changed my life.

the gratitude that filled me with tears flowed from me and were of pure joy mixed with lots of love. and i knew it would never end.

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