the music’s in my soul, i just need to listen and when i do, i connect and i can’t help but dance

i forgot to tell you…i danced at the wedding!  my foot is not 100%, but it was good enough to dance! they turned up the music, and everyone got on the dance floor and we kicked up our feet, waved our arms, laughed and screamed.  riki with her radiant smile, in her white dress, scott in his slim tie, and beaming eyes, we all danced the night away, one big family and it was absolutely glorious.

why does dancing feel so good? dancing is one of those few activities where i truly connect with those around me.  i let the sounds that surround me, fill me up and suddenly i find myself moving, clapping, jumping, and shuffling, doing things i normally don’t do walking down the street, but i should.  and as i connect with others on the dance floor, i find my mind quiet, and all i can see and feel is the beauty that surrounds me.

in letting the music flow through me, i experience a joy that is so pure, there’s no stopping me. tell me to be still, and it’s impossible.

as i dance my way through life, i like to experience that joy. it’s when i stop listening to the music that the dance gets interrupted.

i have to listen with my heart to truly hear the music, to hear the joy that connects us all to each other and to the universe.


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