gratitude is my part in the orchestration of the festival of life

these seventy some year old artists continued to amaze us with their talent, gifts, and most of all passion. the energy in this open space was as brilliant and powerful as the harvest (and then hunter) moon that shone above us.  i was acutely aware of just how tiny i was as i sat there among thousands and thousands of people sharing this same love.

it was if i was simply a drop of water in a giant ocean, or to be more accurate, i suppose i was simply a particle of sand in the middle of a vast, expansive desert.

we were all giving out an energy of unconditional love as our appreciation for their gifts to us. most of us strangers, but connected through music, through the sharing of a passion that was just so pure and filled with love. it’s when the artists shifted from performing, to enjoying, to loving that very moment, to thanking god for their gift, that the audience felt the embrace, the inspiration that sparked the creation of that particular song, that particular moment of the gratitude of life and love.

the photographer lynn goldsmith described “the.. dynamic that occurs when the audience gives their energy to who they’ve come to see” as the connection she tries to capture in her work..  “collaboration carries more weight than anything one can do on their own”. i love this.  with us, the audience, the musicians’ love, passion if you will, grows and expands.

i suppose that’s why some of us were born with the gift, and others of us who were born to enjoy the gift of music.  as i breathe in awe of their voices, their notes, their words, my wonder, my appreciation gives back the love that inspired them initially and then inspires them to keep giving.  and the love simply grows.

and when i experience life’s moment as moments of grace, i see the mystericles of nature, the people around me, god’s creations, and i become acutely aware of my participation, and that is, to appreciate what is.

as life unfolds, i see my part in this universe.  if i don’t take the time to be grateful for the constant creation and the sharing of the many gifts each of us has to been given to share, i’m not living to my fullest, i’m not collaborating…i’m missing out on the concert of life that is being created right before me every single moment of every single day.

immersed in gratitude, i’m in harmony with the universe, and love grows.

One thought on “gratitude is my part in the orchestration of the festival of life

  1. You know how you said linguistics is the language of the mind and now you’re learning/practicing language of the heart? I think music and art is language of the world or maybe language of the soul. Also that is so cool that you saw bob Dylan at the same time as the award of his Nobel prize!


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