music heals the broken heart

Having grown up knowing only Motown and being in love with Michael jackson, i had never been exposed to rock n roll until I met Brian. when I’m open to change, I have so much to learn. This weekend has been filled with many blessings.

My newest love is Neil Young.  his voice and words make me cry and his harmonica comes from the heart. He cares so much about this earth and when he started throwing packets of seeds into the audience, I just wanted to hug him.

There’s something very special about a group of people coming together to share a common love, and because music comes from the heart, we all naturally connect. You can talk to anyone, and find you have a lot in common. Yesterday I met a woman from Florida whose first born was delivered by the mother of one of Ren’s best friends in the same hospital I gave birth to ren, my first born.

The crowds are difficult for Brian. He doesn’t do well with lines, and people are everywhere. By the time McCartney came on, Brian was exhausted and a headache was coming on strong. We stayed til Paul sang the song he wrote for his first love linda and that he dedicated to his daughters, Mary and Stella, who were in the audience.  It reminded me of true love and family and brought me closer to him.

As I nourish my heart with all this music and love I can feel the same for Brian. Steps toward healing, one experience after another, one moment at a time.






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