living like there is no tomorrow

You are not going to believe where I am! I’m in the desert …listening to bob Dylan and The Rolling Stones! How crazy is that? Brian’s birthday present to me! – a gift I should be giving it to him and I suppose it is in its own beautiful way:)

we re camping! which allows us to walk in and out of the venue- the expansive grounds of the Indio polo club (I had no idea people actually play polo in the us, but I guess they do!) the place is ginormous and can fit thousands and thousands of people.  I feel like I’m experiencing modern day Woodstock. People from all over the world are here (our camping neighbors to the right are from France and to the left from Texas), young and old – tiny infants cradled in snugglies, toddlers stumbling around as if they too have been drinking, old men ogling the barely dressed women who have lots to share with the world and the graying women with flowers in their hair and smiles that say they still love to rock and roll. It is magical.

I wish I could describe just how beautiful bob Dylan is. He has the most beautiful soul. When he plays his harmonica I melt. We never saw his face up close, his cameras were always showing his back, and he never talked to the audience,  but he connected in his most soulful way standing the whole time as he played the piano and sang those Nobel prize winning words.  75 years young and just pure genius -such an inspiration. He plays simply because he loves to share his gift. I cried.

Mick jagger and his band were all show and more! Fireworks, the mick strut down the walkway…the light show and the video footage of remarkable scenes from the desert! In so many ways the opposite of Dylan’s performance – yet we loved them both! Mick is now 73 and here  he was jumping and prancing and singing his heart out! Truly unbelievable! And we danced under the bright full moon til our legs went rubbery. We didn’t want it to end and as his encore he had the USC women’s choir start off his last song with “you can’t always get what you want” which was just a perfect ending, for none of us wanted their performance to end.

just the way I didn’t want the day to come to a close.

(sorry no computer.. blogging on my phone…:)



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