abundant joy and love bring tears that may never stop

the tears of joy just couldn’t stop. it began early in the morning when riki delivered the most beautiful letter of thanks and love.  i’d be lying if i told you that i’ve never cried this much, because this feeling of absolute bliss happened to me just last year when ren and eric wed under the olive tree overlooking the malibu canyons.

this year was riki and scott, this time under a giant mulberry tree – to the chinese, the divine tree, the link between earth and heaven. they said their vows under this magnificent tree, amidst all the glories of a simple, beautiful farm – dogs, chickens, a pony, homegrown vegetables, fruits and the grace of a family who shares their blessing with deep and indescribable abundant love.

the morning began with riki receiving the most precious email from our now dear friend laina, who runs the farm with her husband, phil. there are no words to describe this woman. she and i have a bond that developed quickly in the months that went into planning and preparing for riki and scott’s wedding.

laina’s heart is pure as pure can be. i love her dearly. this weekend reaffirmed in my mind that angels do exist and touch us in ways we could never know.

riki and i were busy getting ready for the day, and laina’s letter arrived, giving us time to pause, reflect and appreciate exactly what was about to happen.

“i pray that when you step into this space, you will step in the grace and welcome of God…a welcome that invites you to walk up that aisle to the man he has provided for you and that you will savor all the love that drips from the branches and the joy that fall from the leaves….that the breath of heaven fills your lungs and your soul can’t help but sing.”

riki and i held each other and cried our hearts out.

and we just kept on crying, the whole day and into the night as we felt our hearts sing.

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