finding the imperfect moment just perfect

today’s the day. to some it may seem just like another day. but today is a very special day for the jen, mcdermott and swindler families. it’s a day we’ll all remember.

yesterday riki, brian and i were at the farm hanging the folded cranes from the big tree where riki and scott will marry later today.  we had a little helper.  the farm’s new puppy mascot who they rescued after being told she wouldn’t live because her brain couldn’t tell her body how to work. they named her guinness because she hobbles and stumbles like she’s had too much to drink, and she’s as precious as can be. this little cerebral palsy puppy wanted to help.

and she did, in her own adorable way.  she helped create the experience. the memory, the imperfection of the perfect moment.

guinness thought our birds were real and would grab a bird in her mouth and stagger off with it, carrying with her the whole string of birds, and me, trying to make sure she didn’t swallow it.

we laughed and cried, and will forever remember that precious imperfect moment under the tree, the three of us hanging our birds of good fortune and long life, with guinness adding to what could have been a difficult experience, into a memorable, beautiful one. sure it would have been so much easier without her help, but the memory wouldn’t have been the same.

and i guess it’s moments like these, that i love the most. it’s the unexpected, the ridiculous, the teamwork, the family, the silliness and the love that makes life so wonderful.

today’s the day. there are a ton of moving parts and pieces that need to fall into place, and they will.  i won’t have control of most of it, but that’s okay because i’ll have guinness and the rest of this incredible family with me, to laugh and cry and trust that it’s all meant to be.

there will be lots of things that go wrong, but it will be just a perfectly imperfect day and isn’t that what it’s all about?


6 thoughts on “finding the imperfect moment just perfect

  1. Love and blessings today!!! Will be with you in spirit!! Can’t wait to see pix pix and hear all about it!!


    Nancy Miller 310-266-0400 Sent from my iPhone



  2. Happy wedding day to the Jen, McDermott and Swindler family!!! 👰🏻👰🏻👰🏻 i’m very happy and excited for all of you– I can’t wait to hear the details and see the pictures– love Guinness! I love you! Sending prayers that everything goes smoothly, sending you lots of love and congratulations to all of you. 🙏🏼❤️💋


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