connected at the level of the soul

there are people you know because you see them everyday at work, or at your local coffee shop, or in a class, or in your neighborhood.

then there are the people who you’re closer to, the ones who understand you.

and then there are the people you know even deeper. the ones who know your soul, and you theirs.

getting to know someone at the deep level of the soul has to do with the opening of the heart, when you can share stuff that no one else knows. it’s the stuff that people won’t believe. it’s the stuff you listen to when the doors are closed and the windows shut.  it’s the true stuff,  the stuff that hurts, and often brings you to tears. it’s the joyful stuff too.

it’s the stuff that you share with someone you can trust, someone who understands, someone who you want to know your soul.

sometimes the stuff is so emotionally powerful, it’s the shared experience itself that brings you closer to each other. like the loss of a loved one, or helping someone in need, or being at a live concert where you’re experiencing creation from the heart, sometimes it’s the birth of a baby,

and sometimes it’s the marriage of one of your children. i guess that would explain why i’ve been so emotional all week.  as i sit in touch with my soul, and the souls of my family and close friends, i am overwhelmed with emotions and the deep connection god wanted all of us to know and experience – the meaning of life.



2 thoughts on “connected at the level of the soul

  1. Manette,
    Enjoy every precious moment this weekend at your daughter’s wedding!! What a special time for you and your family!!
    I’m glad you’re healed up enough to dance, 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽the night away!
    One of my daughters got married 3 1/2 years ago and my other daughter is getting married at the end of this month, so I know what an exciting and emotional time this can be.
    I really enjoyed the last wedding and took in each moment, and intend to do the same this time around. Make sure the photographer gets pictures of you and your daughter together alone. Things start getting hectic and of course they want to capture the bride and groom, but it’s also a special moment for you and your daughter!! ENJOY!!! XOXO

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  2. oh sweet krissy, thank you so much for sharing these beautiful thoughts..and the suggestions about the photos with her. what a great idea!….it truly is an emotional time. i can’t stop crying! i am sooo happy for the two of them! we’ll have to share our wedding memories soon…. love you!


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