when i pause to listen to the universe, enter the flow, i feel empowered and strengthened

i’m definitely going to be able to dance at ku’s wedding!  my foot is almost fully healed. all it took was something to keep me from moving and putting pressure on it. sometimes it just takes a tiny pause to listen to what the universe is telling me.

at the same time the doctor said there were two broken bones and that i needed to stay off of it as much as possible, i was listening to ku tell me how she would love to get married under the big tree at the farm, and wouldn’t it be nice to have something hanging from the tree…i could see it almost right away.

the tree needed birds, cranes to be specific. they signify good fortune and long life in china, peace and love.

so i put my feet up, and started folding. friends stopped by here and there and would fold with me. it was just what i needed to do.

and here’s how i see it, i feel weakened when i fight against reality, and strengthened when i step into the flow. imagine swimming upstream against the current.  that was me, limping along, in denial that my foot needed rest. now imagine me floating down the stream with my foot up.  that’s me in acceptance of what is and finding the problem turning into an opportunity. that’s me folding origami birds for my daughter’s wedding with my foot elevated.

when i accepted reality, finally went to the doctor and listened to his words, there was a beautiful reason to sit.  i stepped into the flow, rested my foot, allowed it to heal, and now i’m ready to go. i’m at peace with the universe.

riki ku will be married under the mulberry tree adorned with white cranes, and i’ll get to dance in celebration of love.


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