gifts from the heart, touch me, bringing me to a place of deep gratitude

we celebrated my father’s 89th birthday last night.  we gathered together at my brother andy’s new place. cindy, his wife, had made most of the arrangements and orchestrated a wonderful potluck of my father’s favorite foods.  what a beautiful gesture of love.

we exchanged gifts and expressed our love. his gifts included a wonderful tea diffuser/glass water bottle that can make and hold a pitcher of tea, keep it hot and that has a neoprene jacket so he can carry it around with him.  my father loves his loose green tea leaves and now he can have his tea with him all the time. my brother is one of the most thoughtful gift givers, this you would not guess given how absent-minded he can be.  but i must admit, i absolutely love this special talent he has developed over the years, and which i do believe comes from his creative mind and generous, loving heart.

my sister gave him a beautiful book on chinese calligraphy that he can actually practice in. the book was designed for him to use his chinese brush dipped in water, and he can take his brush and trace over the ideographs to practice his strokes.  how wonderful is that?

my dad looks young, but he calls me daily to tell me about his aches and pains. so i gave him a electrotherapy device that he puts on different parts of his body that are in pain.  by sending little electro stimulation to the area of pain, it’s supposed to alleviate the pain. (i’m hoping  he’ll be in less pain, and maybe i’ll be getting fewer phone calls…now that’s not nice…hehe)  we also gave him a wireless headset since he loves to listen to music.  (he can listen to the same song over and over again – his favorite song these days is ‘my way’, and it is so my dad because everything has to be his way!)

now imagine an 89 year old man listening to frank sinatra’s ‘my way’, while he electro stimulates his pains away, while drinking his green tea and practicing his calligraphy 🙂

gifts that give him peace and comfort, that remind him of his home in china, are what he now appreciates.  at the end of the night, i know he felt loved. pure and simple. and isn’t that beautiful?

i love thinking about my dad  being at peace and feeling the love, big time.

2 thoughts on “gifts from the heart, touch me, bringing me to a place of deep gratitude

  1. I love all of those gifts! How beautiful each one of those gifts can be a soothing, calming & relaxing – and the best part, like you said, he can use them all at the same time :)) Happy Birthday!!!! 🎁🎉🎈🎊🎂

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