the power of the mind, and the power of the heart, working together to heal

i’m not sure if he does this on purpose or not, but my dad has wonderful timing when it comes to getting sick. riki ‘s wedding is one week away, and my dad calls  today to tell me that he’s sick.  it’s nothing specific, but he’s feeling weak and dizzy, and he thinks something’s terribly wrong.

my cousin from china tells him he needs to drink chinese black bean soup.  if he drinks this soup, he’s going to feel all better. whether it actually has some medicinal powers, i don’t know, but i do know that if i make it for him, he will feel better.

this is the way he operates. if he reads the possible side effects on a medication, he will undoubtedly come up with every single one of them. if you tell him he looks like he has the mumps, he’ll tell you he thought his glands are swollen. the good thing is if you tell him of an ancient chinese remedy, and he takes it, he will automatically feel better.

and so in the middle of all these wedding preparations, i’m making my dad chinese black bean soup.  brian thinks i spoil my dad, but honestly after he eats it (and tells me it’s too salty) he’ll most likely feel better,

and he’ll know he’s loved,

and i’ll be able to focus on the wedding:)

3 thoughts on “the power of the mind, and the power of the heart, working together to heal

  1. Manette you are undoubtedly the most incredible, gentle, loving person I know. I love that your Dad will feel better as soon as he knows this is an ancient remedy that’s worked. I love that! I can’t wait for the wedding- I remember at Ren’s he played “isn’t she lovely”- if I’m not mistaken. He’s going to have an awesome time on Saturday 💗💗💗💗


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