taking a mistake and transforming it into something beautiful goes a long way

little kids give me such love and light. they inspire me to be more like them. to have fun, to laugh, and to be free of judgement.

we were working on a banner the other day, and this is what one of my seven year olds said to me after misspelling a word.

“i’m really good at undoing something wrong and trying to make it good.”

how precious is that?

instead of being upset, and wanting to start over, this little guy decided to make a picture out of his misspelled word and basically transformed his mistake into a wonderful piece of art, and then spelled the word correctly, this time under his illustration.

taking ownership of our mistakes, knowing that we all make them, learning from them, letting go of them, seeing that there’s another way to look at a problem and turn it into something meaningful, changes how we relate to the world and it can feel so freeing.

when we can transform a mishap into a beautiful outcome we find harmony in the flow of the universe, and isn’t this a wonderful way to experience life?

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