hearing the goodness in others

at dinner last night i was surprised to learn that my dad once owned a harley davidson motorcycle, and that he used to throw parties where he’d play american music and dance.

“so dad was kind of wild as a teenager?” i asked my mom.

it was one of those rare moments when my mom spoke,  i leaned in and heard her whisper, “playboy” and then she burst out laughing. one of those beautiful laughs that makes her whole body jiggle. i love those moments.

my dad sat there and didn’t deny any of it.

“i had lots of records and i liked to dance,” my father explained. “so i’d invite people over to dance with me.” simple as that. and because his mother passed away when he was a teenager, and his father traveled lots, there wasn’t anyone to tell him ‘no’.

oh i love learning about people’s pasts, but there’s something really special about learning about my parents’ childhood. it’s a feeling of discovery.  you think you know everything, because they’re so careful to only show you the things they want you to know, and then with a little research you uncover information that explains so much…how i came to be who i’m becoming.

no wonder i love music and dance…


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