the heart notices the abundant details of the moment

it’s funny i awakened from my meditation keenly aware of ‘the details.’ i think when i focus on the details of nature, of god’s many creations, including my heart, i experience peace. but when i focus on the details of my ego, which includes all the stuff i’ve learned to seek, i experience conflict.

when i thought about it further, i realized that in thinking about the details of nature, i sink into a deep place of simple gratitude and awe. yet when i let the details of my ego take over, i experience a confusing place of wanting more, of not being satisfied with what is, of wanting things to be different.

my heart enjoys and appreciates the details of the moment. my heart notices how the sun touches the leaves that are swaying ever so gently in the breeze, my heart hears the baby birds asking for food, my heart smells the sweet scent of roses entering my home through the open window, my heart notices my simple breath. i am filled with wonder and gratitude.

my ego ruminates on the past, and worries about the future. ‘if only i had done this, or that’ things would be better….what’s going to happen if he does this or she does that?’ my ego judges and thinks it knows better. ‘she should do this, or he should do that.’

my heart doesn’t compare, it doesn’t manipulate, it doesn’t want more and yet is always willing to learn more.  the heart is curious and wants to understand. the heart wants to connect to your heart. instead of focussing on our differences, the heart focuses on the details of the gifts and lessons and finds a place to relate.

the heart notices what we have in common and knows we belong; the ego notices our differences and thinks we’ll never get along.

the heart simply loves, accepts and appreciates what is and notices the details of god’s many gifts.  the smile, the hug, the touch, the smell, the laugh, the music, the sun…. all are our hearts’ way of connecting to each other and to the universe. in harmony with the god’s gifts, i experience peace.


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