stepping into the flow of possibility

thank goodness for the internet and pinterest. it’s a long story that involves riki once again being resourceful and determined.  she saw a dress on pinterest that she loved, called the shop in florida where the dress was, and was told there was a shop that carries that line of dresses she loves in orange, california. when she called the shop in orange, they told her the dress she loves is new, could not be sold off the rack, but that it was replacing a dress from last season that they were willing to sell to her ‘off the rack’.

the way wedding shops work is that they generally carry a ton of dresses in a roomy size so that brides off all sizes can try on. and there are truly a ton. but you have to find the one dress you love and they then order it. the stores generally can’t afford to carry multiple dresses in different sizes because they’re just too darn expensive.

and you can’t buy the dress off the rack because the store must keep their inventory on the rack for brides to try on, unless of course, you happen to be riki. she walked into that shop filled with faith that she was going to love something in this shop, which was basically a store in a strip mall.

and there was the dress. and there it was half price, being replaced by the dress riki had seen on pinterest. we smiled, hugged, laughed, and danced.

it wasn’t the dress she saw on pinterest that had to be ordered like a purebred, but more like the rescue puppy in the shop who wags his tail and says, ‘take me, i’m yours!’

and it was white.

two weeks from the wedding, now we just have to find a seamstress.

when you step into the flow, and you allow yourself to feel the love, there are no real problems that hold you back. you remain open to possibilities, change, lessons, the universe, and solutions reveal themselves.

look around and you shall see, mystericles are everywhere.



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