mindful choices in the foods that i eat help me be more mindful of the thoughts i choose to create

it’s been a year and a half since i’ve been choosing to eat only foods that don’t cause inflammation.  this decision has been life changing. it’s made such a difference in my body, and when my body is feeling good, i must admit, my mind and soul feel that much better too.

there are times when i feel people think i’m judging them, when i choose not to eat gluten, sugar, dairy, grains, processed foods or legumes.  but usually when i explain that those foods cause my sciatic nerve to flare up and my arthritis to kick in, they seem to understand.

just because i’m choosing to abstain from certain foods, doesn’t mean i’m judging you if you’re making the choice to eat them. we each are free to choose what foods to eat.

when i consciously choose foods that nourish my body, as opposed to which foods satisfy my ego’s desire, i find that i’m actually practicing making mindful choices that are good for my heart.

and when i practice making mindful choices that are good for my heart with my food intake, it helps me cultivate mindful choices in the thoughts that i choose as well.  as i use my heart to guide me, i ask myself, is this thought positive or negative?

just as i ask, is this food good for my heart and body, i ask ‘is this thought good for my heart?’ or is it feeding my ego?

at some point in my journey, i found that my heart’s desire and my ego’s desire were aligned, and i found harmony in my decisions. and i was no longer denying my ego’s desire to have sugar and cheese, crackers and bread, rather  i was loving the foods that gave my heart a hug instead of making it work hard.

i experienced a shift in what was now guiding my choices, just as i experienced a shift in my perspective and attitude in daily living.  do i love myself enough to say ‘no’ to the things that aren’t good for my body and heart?

i could continue to live in conflict, with my ego wanting more and wanting to be right and satiated all the time, or i could choose to have my heart be my guide, and experience peace in all areas of my life.


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